Sunday, June 5, 2011

Visiting Bob

I went again on Thursday and he was really glad to see me again. One of the workers was walking with us down the hall and he couldn't remember my name to tell her, but he said I was his honey :) Bless his heart. He's pretty much out of it and "talking" with him is sort of a magical mystery tour. I asked if he'd like me to read him a story but he seems to have no interest in that.

We sat and sort of chatted. I commented that I had intended to bring my manicure set and one worker handed me a couple pair of nail clippers so we talked while I did his fingernails. That was good as he doesn't like to have it done and I think will be least troublesome if I do that. Then I left. I'd brought a crispy candy bar-like thing and I gave him half of it as I left, so he seemed contented. I told him I'd return since I had a care meeting with the nursing supervisor and the social worker.

After the meeting was over, I went back; he was in the same chair. We went for a walk in the outside courtyard and although it was warm the humidity was low and it was breezey. We just walked around and around and over and through and between. He complimented me on what a good job I'd done with all the bushes and flowers.
A couple of times I asked if he was getting tired as I was (getting tired of it); he wasn't so we walked for probably 30 minutes. He just talks and rambles; a couple of times he came back to mention that he doesn't have any money but he couldn't give me a reason why he needed any. He also said he didn't have a car which was probably good since he can't drive. It's stuff like that.

Mostly it's being a comforting presence to him, being sure he knows he is loved. He was glad I was there; no problems when I said I needed to leave. We walked back to Aspen and I gave him the other half of the cookie/bar. Kissed him good by and left.

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