Friday, July 15, 2011

Morning Thoughts


(for spouses of an Alzheimer’s victim)

If I didn’t think of you this morning

Except when I awoke alone,

If I complete my daily errands

Without your humor and your help,

If I can make it on my own,

Know still you are remembered

even as memory has flown

from you, my darling.

If you can’t remember

Who I am or what my name is,

Never fear.

I have memories enough for two.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Visiting Anyone

Totally in line with yesterday's experience, I want to share this wonderful post with you. Please read it; it applies not only to those of us who love someone with Alzheimer's but to all of us.
Share time. It's the best gift we can give.

Happy Independence Day!

Visiting Bob

Last Monday when I went to see Bob, at one point he said to me, "Would you mind if I ask you what your name is?" When I said Nancy, he nodded. That made me decide to tell him who I am each time I go visit. Just a quick, "Hi, Bob. I'm Nancy, here to see you."

So yesterday when I went, I gave him a hug and identified myself. (By the way, there are two Nancy's who work at GV which caused a bit of confusion during Bob's early weeks.) He said, "But you're not my Nancy. I don't know where she is."

I assured him that I was his Nancy. His smile broke my heart. He said he thought I'd gotten angry about taking care of him and he would never see me again. He was soooo happy.

I am reminded how dangerous assumptions are, most especially in our significant relationships. We can't go backwards so we should be sure we move forward in a way that won't leave us with regrets.
Go visit someone important to you today.