Monday, February 16, 2009

Why we can't fly to Utah this summer

Mom, me, Bob, Tyler (my nephew), Pat (my sister) hiking summer of 2007

My youngest sister lives in Park City and every summer my parents spend a month out there in a rented condo. My middle sister is flying to Utah for a week the end of July. In the past we've flown out and spent a long weekend with the family. Apparently this year just isn't good for that.
Here's Bob's current reasoning:
1. We're pushing our luck with all these plane trips we're taking.
2. Too many children fly on the plane to Tampa (seriously, that's a reason)
3. Those were nice planes we flew on to Salt Lake before, but they won't be the same this time.
4. I don't care if we're still flying Delta like before.
5. It doesn't seem wise, does it?

I ask you, does it?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yikes! He's stealing MY memories

Many, many years ago, let's say in 1965, a very good friend, Chuck, and I went into Chicago with his brother and wife and a couple of their older friends. We were so risque! We went to the original Playboy Club. Hugh Hefner was there. We had dinner and the boys went sort of gaga over the girls' hanging out of those traditional bunny outfits. The girls/servers were really nice and friendly and a good time and good meal was had by all.
I'd actually forgotten pretty much about this event until this morning as we watched CBS' Sunday Morning and the piece about Christi Hefner leaving the company. Then Bob started recalling "our" visit to the Playboy Club.
I have known him for ALL of the time he's been even near Chicago. He's never been to the club; certainly we've never been. Still, I finally had to shut up as he recounted his memory of dinner with Hef.
It is painful to bite on your tongue!