Friday, June 3, 2011

Time Passes ...

... and we heal or adjust or accept.
Bob's been at the care center for two and a half weeks now. I survived the two week - no visit as recommended by the facility. I try to honor professionals; they've had the experience. The social worker was fabulous; quickly emailing with updates and answers to my questions. (He was always doing "as well as could be expected" but did need the anti-anxiety med for the first couple of evenings -- me too!)
I am so fortunate that Bob attended daycare for over a year at this same place since he and I were both familiar with lots of the people; can't imagine trusting through this otherwise. The wonderful angel who runs the daycare has continued to stop in and visit him daily during the week, giving him his kisses and hugs, chatting with him during breakfast, and then emailing me about how he's doing.
Both of us are making the changes we've needed to make; I guess.

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