Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Of Mice and Men

Today, I had to go to his world and help Bob understand that he was not going to be going to FP, adult day care, every day of the week -- which he'd really like to go. Last week we added Friday because I had to be at work all day since we had meetings in the afternoon. On the way home he commented that he'd told "them" that he was now coming every day. I thought I had straightened that out, but he gets things in his head. This morning we were talking about something and he said, "after I shave ..." and I corrected him, gently, and clarified that this is Tuesday and he is not going to FP. He reacted with .... "you said I'm going every day." Geeze!!! I was gentle and calm and we finally got it straightened out, but clearly he'd like to go every day.
Then as I was getting Christmas cards ready to mail, he came walking into the bedroom holding a dead mouse by the tail. "What do you suppose this is?"
"Yikes! It's a dead mouse; go throw it outside!"
He did but he is still not totally convinced it was real. "I think it was a toy; it was soooo soft."
Anybody remember Lenny in "Of Mice and Men"?

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