Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Changes and stuff

You know, if you don't laugh you are indeed doomed. This morning went well with only small problems like Bob having two different colors of shoes on (although exactly the same kind of shoe:) and his shirt on backwards, a daily occurrence.
When I decided to begin recording these small descents into hell, I thought of all the tiny details of my daughters' lives which I am sure I've lost over time. We recorded their voices because a friend said, you think you'll remember but you won't. He was right and now I have those darling angel voices on tape. What of all this current journey will I certainly forget? And actually the question is which events will I want to remember.
Thinking back over changes I was remembering the sequence of inability to handle his own pills. He's gone over the course of maybe 15 months from being able to fill his own 7-day pill case, to not being able to figure out what goes where for when, to being able to count (Sunday / Monday / Tuesday...) and find the right day's potions after I tell him what day it is, to needing me to open the right lid so that we are sure he gets his pills.
So many changes. You just have to be water not rock.

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