Monday, December 15, 2008

My Purpose

So, I've realized that so many things happen in the life of an Alzheimer's Disease caregiver and most of them are pathetically funny. If I don't record these events I will surely forget them :)
Let's go back a bit. Here are some items I've jotted down over the last year:

Bob’s concern about windmills during a hurricane. Yup! You read right. He is concerned that the new modern windmills could lose a blade and become a dangerous weapon. He especially worries about this happening in Louisiana.
He frets about why the Thursday trash / recycling schedule has changed. Why have the recyclers started coming in the afternoon. Every Thursday now he worries that our recycling hasn’t been picked up.
And on the subject of trash, I hand him a stack of paper to put in our paper recycling and he starts going through it asking, This? Are you sure about this? You don’t want this? (all of them are advertisements of various kinds).
How about standing in the middle of the kitchen while I’m cooking chicken and chopping vegetables, trying to get dinner ready. “Whatcha doing?” Then getting his feelings hurt if I gruffly shuffle him out of the damned way?
Then we have the dead carnations that were given to me as a May basket on the 1st. As late as May 18, Bob would not agree to throwing them out because they were still “so beautiful.” I sneaked them into the trash on May 20.
This year’s (2008) Christmas tree I call our Charley Brown tree. We brought in the plants a bit ago and two of them are dead. Bob decided that spraying the leaves was as good as the deep watering we used to do. I stripped all the dead leaves off the fig, trimmed the really brittle branches, and strung the lights. He told me to be careful not to harm the tree! It actually looks pretty cute:)

That's what this blog spot is going to be about.

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  1. I know you have a picture of that tree. Get it up here!!