Monday, May 16, 2011

He's leaving home

I've filled suitcases for many trips we've taken over our grasshopper years. Packing is the strangest thing. I'm putting stuff into a duffle bag and a box, and everything has his name written in permanent marker. Permanent marker.

I find myself thinking should he take this? Maybe I should keep this shirt at home ... why? Why? In case of what?

If we were divorcing, I could throw his stuff out in the yard.
If he were dead, I could give it all away.
Packing is the strangest thing.


  1. Your analysis is heartbreaking. My constant thoughts and prayers are floating your way.

  2. Nancy, I've just erased four different messages to you that all felt clumsy or verbose or just not enough. So here goes #5:
    I love you.