Friday, September 25, 2009

Who would think...

taking two rolls of extra toilet paper to put on the back of the comode would be a big deal?
Being a caregiver for a person with AzD means that we always try to think of simple tasks which s/he can do and thus feel useful. Today I am getting ready for work and want to put extra TP in the bathroom off our bedroom.
First he looks at the rolls; he wonders what they are; he tries to figure out mentally where the "bathroom off our bedroom" is and then why I want this tp in there. "But... but .. I use this [hall] bathroom."
"I already put extra in there."
He pauses at the hall door and really wants to go inside with the two extras.
IS this worth it??? you have to wonder.
"I need extra here. I go in here."
"Let me take them. I can do it. Thanks, honey."
"No. Take them to the bedroom?"
"OK, yes."
A few minutes later I walk into the bedroom and he's standing there looking at the rolls and wondering what to do.
"Thanks for bringing them in here for me." I take them and put them on the back of the comode.
A few minutes ago I found him standing at the doorway to the hall bathroom. "So, there's no toilet paper in here now?"

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