Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Memory Walk

Bob with his favorite musician, Hudson of Hudson and the Hoo Doo Cats.

AzD causes a person to move back through the stages of life (like Benjamin Button) just we once moved forward.
Saturday we were at Forest Park here in St. Louis for the Alzheimer’s Association’s Annual Memory Walk -- always incredibly positive, with lots of good music, good people, and good cheer.
One of the musical features this year was an Alzheimer's sufferers group that Bob performs in called the Alzchimers; they mix drums and chimes and song and are taught and directed by a music therapist. Even though Bob has to be helped into his chair like the functionally blind man he is, give him that drum and he is a happy guy. Because Bob gives himself over with such gusto to the music, the group’s director always wants him to have the microphone. Saturday was no different and he sang out with joy, no restraints. When he didn’t remember the words, he was like a jazz man! It was truly beautiful to see.
After the group’s performance and a few formalities, it was time to kick off the walk. Traditionally this is done with the song “We Are Family.” Bob couldn’t restrain himself. Standing there next to the bandstand, he just started dancing, dancing all by himself.
To be able to throw yourself into the moment and the music! He was a picture of sheer delight.

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