Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In, beside, over, between, above

Prepositions are little words that, the English teacher in me says, show relationships between nouns. A person with AzD loses the knowledge of what these tiny words mean, not to mention the meaning of tons of other words as well. An example:

Me: Tomorrow is trash day; will you take the big garbage can that is sitting outside the garage up to the road?
DH: What?
Me: The big can is sitting on the driveway. Please drag it to the road.
DH: It's in the garage.
Me: No, I took it out and put it on the driveway so you could find it.
DH: There are two cans in the garage.
Me: You are right USUALLY. However one is outside the garage now.
DH: Do you want both cans on the road?
Me: Just the one outside the garage.
DH: Where is it?
Me: ON the driveway.
DH: In the garage?
Me: Never mind, honey, I'll take care of it.
DH: Two cans are in the garage. We always have two cans.
ME: It's ok.
DH: What do you want me to do with the cans in the garage?
Me: Nothing, but the one on the driveway wants to be up by the road.
DH: It does?
Me: Yup.
DH: There's a trash can on the garage?
Me: I'm going to go inside now.

It's my birthday; I have orange juice and champaign. I think I'll have a mimosa:)


  1. Prepositions are highly overrated:).

  2. Oh my lord. Maybe he was playing an April Fool's joke on you. :) I hope that you DID have that mimosa!!!