Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy 65th birthday, Bob

So today I dedicate myself to being only positive and pleasant, never getting impatient or trying to hurry Bob. That is my gift to him. Sound easy?

His sister in California sent him a “party in a bag” which consisted of a huge plastic bag filled with ribbons and confetti, party plates and napkins, and silly small gifts. I suggested he begin the day by opening this. A package wrapped in tissue paper took almost 20 minutes to open as he struggled not to tear the paper. In between attempts to open it, he talked with the cat. “How are you today, Ravi?” Pull at the paper. “Ravi, I love when you smile at me like that.” [Ravi was looking out the window.] “What do you think is inside this?”

[This is such a lesson in patience for me.]

Deeper into the package. It took a while to figure out what the miniature water guns were and then what they are for; I’m happy to say that Ann sent two. Two party blowers totally confused him. He blew and the “end” popped out; he was startled, but he was certain they should make noise. “Isn’t this fun, Ravi?” Finally, he tried to come up with a name for them; he wasn’t quite satisfied with party blowers but neither of us could be more creative.

A small wrapped box provided endless entertainment. He held it by the ribbon and spun it around in the sunlight. Like a small child, he was delighted by the way it sparkles. I had to remind him that there was something inside.
Happy Birthday, Bob.

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  1. It's nice that you are able to see the joyful side of Bob's spirit. Happy (belated) birthday, Bob!