Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Audacity of Hope

So we're going to a new doctor. Bob's been to our internist, a psychologist, and two neurologists; the experience with each was to "test" a bit, hand over a prescription, and dismiss us for another six months.
We're now seeing a geriatric psychiatrist. He is Indian and his early training was at the University of Bombay; he believes in the power of lifestyle and diet to bring about change. We're eating better and differently; Bob's still on the same meds, but we exercise like it's a prescription (it is), we drink green tea and I use turmeric in my cooking.
Bob is excited and hopeful. I feel like we're finally doing something; whether or not we'll succeed against Alzheimer's remains to be seen, but we have taken back some power.
Still when I hear Bob talk to people and repeatedly tell them, with great excitement, that he's no worse than he was when first diagnosed, I am saddened.
My "let's get it right" brain screams out to correct him, but, of course,
I don't. Ahh, the audacity of hope.

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  1. "Doing" must feel great; I'm glad you have a new strategy. I didn't get to talk with you about all of this, so I appreciate the update. Do we really only work 50 yards away from each other? Let's have lunch! Hope rocks.