Monday, March 7, 2011

Oh my!!!

Toddler tunes downstairs.
Solid gold oldies upstairs.

Is the toilet lid closed so Lily won't fall in and drown?
Is the toilet lid open so Bob can find it and use it?

GETTING Bobba dressed:
"Here are your socks, Bob. Bob! Not the shoes. Take this sock."
I put the sock into his hand. He gets it on.)
Lily hands me his other sock and says, "Bobba.

A minute ago, I run back to the bedroom to check on both of them: Bob is bopping to "Willy the Wooly Mammoth" since I've switched to toddler tunes upstairs.
Lily is eating one of my credit cards as she's gotten into my purse and is thinking of shopping.

Let the good times roll!

P.S. Lily is my 14 month old granddaughter:)

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