Monday, March 1, 2010

I forgot about Alzheimers

Trying to catch up on a few posts:

One morning in March and I'm trying to get some errands done before dropping Bob off at daycare and getting to work myself. I know not to rush him, but he can sense when I'm watching the clock. He'd seemed especially slow moving in dressing and getting out to the car.

After we shopped at Target, he got confused about which car: he tried to get into a white pickup; I drive a blue Buick. Finally I got him to the right door, but while attempting to push the unlock button, I hit the danger/caution button and the car started honking! He stopped, looked up, and said angrily in the direction of the rest of the parking lot, "What an idiot!"
I explained it was my mistake and he continued grumbling as he got inside.

As we were driving away, Bob began, "Nancy, I'm not sure about us. We're not doing well."
I replied, "Bob, I think we're doing just fine."
Him: "No. We disagree and then people honk at us and everything goes wrong."
Me: "Don't you think it's just the Alzheimers?"
It was quiet for a minute and then he said, as if in awe or epiphany, "I forgot about the Alzheimers."

I wish I could just forget about the Alzheimers.

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