Friday, November 20, 2009

An interesting Alzheimer's fact

We went to see the doctor a week ago and I finally remembered to ask him about temperature sensations in the Alzheimer's patient. Over the past few month my husband has been eternally cold. This was less a problem in September than it is in November. In a house where I will sleep practically naked, Bob is wearing flannel pajamas and has four blankets on top of him before he is warm enough.

When I'd mentioned this to my friends, women whose husbands also have AzD, they had all agreed they deal with the same issue.

Turns out that this is not uncommon. The doctor says that the difficulty may pass or ... linger. Whichever, try just to keep him comfortable -- thank God I'm through with hot flashes! He explained that the section of our brain that allows us to regulate bodily temperature runs right along the memory center, the hippocampus and others. Huh!

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